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Alcohol support

End stage liver failure

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CatherineCawood · 25/03/2018 21:51

I gave up drinking recently (50 days tomorrow). I felt that I was drinking too much too regularly, about 3 bottles of wine a week so double the recommended units on 3 weeks out of 4. I felt like it was occupying my mind too much so decided to go alcohol free. Best decision I've ever made. My anxiety has got better and I feel my quality of life is better and I'm a better calmer Mum.

My husbands side of the family have issues with booze, my FIL, step MIL & step FIL all have fairly serious alcohol dependency.

Today I visited my step mother in law in hospital. It looks like she is in end stage liver failure. I've known her 25 years and I don't think I've ever seen her sober or not hungover.

Seeing what I saw today would really make you think very hard. She was delirious, hallucinating, foaming at the mouth, flinging her arms about, trying to get out of bed, agitated. She is on oxygen, high heart rate, didn't know who we were, didn't know where she lived or with whom. She had to wear big mittens to stop her pulling out her drips, NG tube etc. Truly awful to witness. The doctors told my FIL 2 days ago that if she didn't improve in the next couple of weeks that they would withdraw treatment. I assume then she would go into a coma and die. So I guess it could go either way. I think the toxins have leaked into her brain as her lived is not working so if she did survive would she be brain damaged?

Today her husband (my husband's father) was supposed to be meeting us at the hospital. However, he couldn't come with us to see her as last night he was admitted himself with really bad stomach pains, possible pancreatitis, gall stones or an ulcer. Also a heavy drinker. He has alcoholic neuropathy and now can't walk without frame as he can't feel his legs/feet properly.

I wish I could unsee what I saw today, but at the same time I wish the world could see it. It was enough to put you off drinking for life.

I don't really know why I'm posting this. I feel the need to talk about it but I think that DH is sick of hearing me going on! I'm a talker in a crisis he isn't!

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Whatsforu · 25/03/2018 21:57

Flowers for you. I too have seen what you have and it is awful. A terrible death not just for the person but horrific for the family. You are right more people probably need to see it but again it is an addiction. I'm sorry you are living through this.

littlepill · 25/03/2018 21:59

Thank you for sharing this and I’m very sorry for what you and your family are going through Flowers We don’t hear enough about these situations. Thank you. Wishing you strength.

Nat6999 · 12/04/2018 23:39

I lost my partner to End Stage Liver Disease 3 years ago age 34, I can understand what you are going through. From diagnosis to losing my partner was 18 weeks, he was diagnosed after he developed Ascites, yes he was a heavy drinker, but not of spirits & probably not much more than a lot of other people.

I know this is probably too much information but the memory thing is reversible, they give complex B vitamins & Thiamin in a yellow bag IV for this & lactulose to clear the toxins from her body, the more serious bit is that clotting factors are produced by the liver & most patients lose their life due to some form of internal bleeding. All you can do is be there for her now & for her family afterwards, I'm probably talking to much, sorry I'm ASD, but the not knowing what was happening & what to expect for me made the end more painful as I was in shock because nobody tells you the reality until it's too late.

boho2u · 22/04/2018 21:05

So sorry to hear your in laws are suffering. It must be very tough to watch and has obviously come at a poignant time.

I probably drink similar amounts to you and worry about it. Both my parents are alcoholics and it's always in the back of my mind the damage it could do to my body, although it was the emotional damage that blighted my childhood.

Alcohol is hugely damaging that's for sure. We'll done me for abstaining.

boho2u · 22/04/2018 21:06

Should say well done for - not me!

whoknows2 · 09/12/2021 12:27

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whoknows2 · 09/12/2021 12:28

Meant to start a new post sorry, will report.

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