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Alcohol support

Is this alcoholism?

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Scaramoose · 05/03/2018 09:48

Im sorry to be vague with details but I know her STBXH lurks on MN so am being cautious.

Someone close to me is drinking very heavily. She said she did during her relationship as she was so unhappy (it was an abusive relationship) but, five months after their separation, she is easily drinking two bottles of wine a night, often three. Last weekend she and a friend quaffed two bottles of cava and a whole bottle of gin between them.

She has a very high powered job (legal) and does well but must be massively hungover most days, surely?

I am wary of confronting her with this as I know she is also struggling with the split (like many abused women, she feels embarrassed and ashamed) but I think she thinks that this level of drinking is just because she is stressed. I am now not so sure....

OP posts:
ThespianTendencies · 17/03/2018 10:52

That is excessive and will not be doing her any good. Maybe meet her for a coffee and begin a gentle coversation about it? Invite her around for an evening but only have limited alcohol on offer? I don't know really What I do know is that alcoholics are very defensive when challenged on it. My husband (now deceased) was an alcoholic and he used to hit the roof if I even dare mention that he was drinking too much, totally in denial. Well done being a good friend to her and wanting to help.

Bolokov · 01/04/2018 18:36

Definitely a drink problem and drinking at a harmful level

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