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Alcohol support

I need to change

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Adifferentway · 22/09/2017 17:33

Over the last two years, I've been drinking increasingly more. Started when my mum was taken into hospital as was caring for her at home in difficult circumstances. I recall the first night she was gone, I went and bought wine and felt a sense of relief at not having the responsibility for a few nights. Got up to a bottle of wine a night, drinking on my own. Over the last six months, I've started to react badly when drinking wine and end up a crying, emotional mess. I gave it up for a few weeks but have crept up to daily drinking again. If I can't sort this out, I'm afraid for the future of my new marriage. I've emotionally hurt my husband badly twice this week and he's given up a lot for us.

He said this morning, when you are sober you are lovely. When your not, I don't recognise you.

We run a pub together so I will need to be very strong to deal with this. Help me please.

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ssd · 22/09/2017 17:37
ssd · 24/09/2017 19:43

you're welcome

Adifferentway · 06/10/2017 08:06

Thank you SSD.

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