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Alcohol support

Help/advice for upcoming dry january

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hayser33 · 12/12/2016 10:12

Hi could anyone who has done dry january before offer me some tips and advice on how to get through it and things that help you.
I wouldn't say I have a drink problem as such and I don't often get really drunk as I don't like it I jut drink as it relaxes me and I like the taste of different wines. But I'm getting very fat it's costing us around 200 pounds a month and I feel generally rubbish.
I thought dry january would kick start a better way of living for me and my boyfriend-I don't think I can go through another summer next year feeling so uncomfortable and hating how I feel.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated Smile

OP posts:
StirredNotShaken · 16/12/2016 21:39

Not done it but good luck! I am sure someone will come along and offer some help soon - Well done for addressing what you consider a problem. Once you have done Jan you will at least know you can manage without it.

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