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Alcohol support

I think my husband is an alcoholic!

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Tippytoes13 · 15/07/2016 21:54

I'm really looking for some advice if possible. My husband has been drinking heavily for about six months now, the most he drinks is on a Friday and that can be anything up to 12 cans of beer. He runs his own business and I suspect he's depressed as he's showing signs of that too, he often falls asleep on the sofa after drinking and gets up 20 minutes before he has to go to work, I sort the kids out every morning all by myself and I'm getting exhausted. He is becoming agitated with me too, he's not very supportive either and I just can't cope with him.

Any advice on what I can do, would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

OP posts:
SenoritaViva · 16/07/2016 07:41

Are you thinking of leaving him? Or do you think you want him to be able to sort things out.

It is incredibly lonely to be in a relationship and feel alone.

Have you talked to anyone in real life or are you too embarrassed?

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