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Alcohol support

Too much?

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VicWillia · 15/03/2016 18:11

When people ask me how much wine I drink I tell them it's no more than a bottle of wine a week. It's honestly what I thought.

However I've been saving bottles for recycling and I've realized its more like 2 bottles.

Is this too much? I do have nights off drinking but I must say I consciously don't drink eg I make a decision not to drink instead of just not drinking and not thinking about it.

I'm a bit surprised at myself.

OP posts:
CreepingDogFart · 16/03/2016 22:29

I drink more than this per week. Didn't want your comment to get buried. As an aside I am considering seeking help for drinking.

Wolfiefan · 16/03/2016 22:31

How many units is that? How many per night?
Doesn't sound like a massive amount. I would look at making a few nights regularly alcohol free. I would want at least three nights a week dry.

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