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Alcohol support

I drink to take the pain away.

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Ludoole · 22/01/2016 01:01

I have been drinking for a while... it has gotten worse since my husband died 7 weeks and 2 days ago.
Tonight i started drinking at 10pm. Ive had 5 cans of lager and im on my 3rd nd large glass of wine. I feel like i need it.
I want to finish the bottle. I know i shouldnt. I have to be up at 7am.
I dont want to have an alcohol problem, how can i not drink??

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SaucyJack · 26/01/2016 23:14

I'm so sorry about your husband dude.

I came in here to look for the dry January threads so I don't really have any answers for such a heavy thread, but I didn't want to leave this answered.

Take care xx

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