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Alcohol support

my 13 year old

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sandysflowers72 · 29/12/2015 21:59

Yesterday evening a notification popped up on my daughters iPad I saw it and it said 'have you had your comedown' immediately I got confused yet had a suspicion. An hour later she came home I felt i was in the place to look at her eyes. Her pupils where massively dilated and something just didn't seem right. I then looked into it more to find out my 13 year old daughter had been taking MDMA that night. What do I do now?

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WorriedMum112 · 29/12/2015 22:01

I would investigate where she got the drugs and who she was doing them with. You can then proceed to cut off these friendships.

Alvah · 01/01/2016 11:05

What a shock for you OP. I am forever worrying about my DS 14. I know that some kids here around that age have been taking acid, ecstasy or speed. It is a constant worry. As far as I know mine is staying away from drugs (apart from cannabis). We have been through hell this year with drinking/smoking.

It is very hard in reality to stop their friendships/connections as they are at school all day and coming to an age where we cannot ground them forever.

I spoke to the school, GP and children's services when it was at it's worst. We are doing better now. Although if he is at a sleepover I don't actually know what they do. I don't believe he has tried any drugs though. He talks to me a lot and tells me things that are going on...

If you are able to take hard and swift action with her I would. Crack down on her by taking her phone and looking through it for any more info. Go to the other people's parents. Speak to the school to get her some support. Make as much of a big deal out of it as possible in order to make it as unlikely as possible for her to want to do it again.

With my DS13 I could do this as he is more compliant, however with DS14 it would make everything worse, so play it by ear.

All the best luck. It's hard being a parent Flowers

NeedAScarfForMyGiraffe · 01/01/2016 11:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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