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Hubby just been diagnosed with acute pancreastis. We have our panel date in may and are having our medicals in 10 days.

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oinker · 20/02/2010 15:21

Will they approve us? I feel totally sick am so shocked hubby is distraught and keeps telling me he is sorry. My head is spinning. Has anyone out there had medical issues and still got through? Please help! Thanks

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hifi · 20/02/2010 16:01

its still a while off and hopefully his condition will have calmed down by long as he has a good prognosis i dont see why you shouldnt.if its anymore serious your social worker will discuss your options before you go to panel.its such a worry,i hopr it all goes well.

maryz · 20/02/2010 16:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oinker · 20/02/2010 17:10

Thanks for the responses. We are quite worried. He is due a scan tomorrow which will confirm whether or not it is gall stones or drink related. He doesn't even drink much. The panel will automatically assume he does. Sorry to rant!

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KristinaM · 20/02/2010 21:55

usually the whole panel don't discuss medical issues, his medical report should only be seen by the panel's medical advisor, who is a medical practitioner

oinker · 21/02/2010 09:47

I suppose I am just hoping this is not going to hinder any chance we had. Everything was looking so promising for us. We have breezed through the system though the process has been tough going we have managed. This is the first set back. We are gutted.

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 22/02/2010 10:25

As Kristina says the panel won;t discuss his medical. I had a (non-existant) medical issue and what happened in my case was that Panel went ahead, I was approved pending the medical advisor beign happy with my medical, I had to have a second opinion and my case was represented to panel a couple of months later (I didn't have to attend that time as it was pretty much a formality) and went on to successfully adopt DS.

The panel won't "assume" anything - I would assume that the medical advisor will ask for a letter from his consultant (or GP whichever is appropriate). It may delay your panel date a little (or may not) as you have a month or two to sort it. Proveded that your DH is medically fit to parent a child then it shouldn't impact on your approval.

However I do remember the sick feeling I had when my GP made some unhelpful comments on my medical [cow emoticon] and my concern that it might be the end of the road for me. But it wasn't and it won't be for you either.

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