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AND FOSTERING: How hard is it?

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mamadiva · 16/11/2008 16:39

We already have a 2.5YO DS and I hated pregnancy so have recently decided that I'd love to adopt a child especially with all the recent news stories.

My DP doesn't see the point in it but I just really want to another child but am terrified I'll have to go through what I did again.

Pus there are so many children out there who need a loving family what's the point?

I also considered fostering but my Aunt is a foster carer and says it's really hard to let go of the kids when they ahve to go, I'm quite sensitive and would struggle with this I know that sounds selfish but I just dn't think I could.

OP posts:
PuzzleRocks · 16/11/2008 20:46

Bumping for you.

PottyCock · 16/11/2008 20:47

good on you mamadiva.

KatyMac · 16/11/2008 20:49

mamadiva - many years ago when I first considered this my worry was the same as yours

Now I am a childminder and I have passed many children through my arms I would feel better able to deal with this aspect - now of course I only have 2 bedrooms & DD is in one of them so I can't atm

I would be careful about doing something DH is unsure about

mamadiva · 16/11/2008 21:01

Yeah DP isnt keen on the idea at all Maybe in a few years I am only 22 and he is 23 so maybe a bit too soon yet

I just want to do something helpful, I am trying to set up a petition at the mo see chat threads if interested in helping nothing to do with fosterin I have to admit but just needing a hand its my way of venting

OP posts:
misspollysdolly · 18/11/2008 15:23

It can be a long, hard can birth parenting too, I know, but adoption holds so much more emotionally loaded stuff for parent and child. It will test you to the core. Much consideration and above all you and DH must be rock solid together on this one.

All the best.

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