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angeew · 08/06/2008 14:57

We adopted our daughter when she was 10 months old - she's 3 now. I live in Teddington west London and I am finding it tough to find friendly people who also have children. I met some mums at the gym but because they all went through pregnancy, pre-natal groups together they have all bonded and it's hard to penetrate their groups. The parents at my daughters nursery are not at all friendly and as for my neighbours (many of them have small children) they are even worse. I work full-time. My husband works practically 24/7! I am really looking for friendly people to share time with their child(ren) and mine. It's quite lonely doing activities on your own! Anyone got any suggestions? Would be really grateful if you can think of anything I can do.

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Kewcumber · 08/06/2008 16:10

there's a very actvie west london group on MN who meet up around Richmond/Isleworth/Kew/Twickehnam areas - I know its a little out of your way but it might be worth you travlling maybe once a week to get to know some people.

My DS was also adopted now 2.6 and I live in Kew - I work MOn-Thurs but am often found gadding about on Friday and over teh weekend (if your DH works weekends).

I'll put a link to the west london thread but its MN local - you may have to sign up to the Richmond group.

Kewcumber · 08/06/2008 16:11

which council do you come under? Richmond have regular get togethers for adoptive paretns and children.

eenybeeny · 08/06/2008 16:13

Just a thought - if the parents at your DD's nursery are "not at all friendly" could you find a nicer nursery for her where you may meet nicer parents?

I feel for you though that sounds very lonely. I hope some other MNers who are close to you come on this thread to help!

Kewcumber · 08/06/2008 16:17

angeew · 08/06/2008 16:22

Thank you! I come under Richmond council and Twickenham/Richmond etc are only down the road. How do I join the group?

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Kewcumber · 08/06/2008 16:36

click on the thread below and it may tell you how to join (its just a case of clicking a few boxes - we tend to congregate in "Richmond").

Call the adoption team and ask to go on their post adoption support databse. They do quite a few cofee mornings I beleive and some evening talks (without DC's)

Just a word of warning - some of us are quite elderly!

Kewcumber · 08/06/2008 16:37

funnily enough we were in Teddington yesterday - having tea at red peppers

angeew · 09/06/2008 06:57

Thank you so much, I feel better already. I am very elderly! I will be joining

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Kewcumber · 09/06/2008 08:57

It's a nice group - I have made some good friends trhough it, look forward to seeing you!

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