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This might be a silly question, but....

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BrownSuga · 08/05/2008 15:40

When you adopt a child, are your names entered onto their birth certificate, or do their biological parents names remain on it?

If a parent has not got record of adoption, is there anyway child can search for them through a state authority?

(short story, my stepdad adopted me and his name on my birth cert instead of my fathers, I thought this was weird)


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mamalovesmojitos · 08/05/2008 23:23

the adoptive parents are on it.

as far as i understand if you are adopted by a step parent a few years after birth (as i also was) a new birth cert is created with your stepdad's name on it.

your biological father's name may or not have been on your original birthcert. as far as i know the original doesn't really 'exist' after the adoptive one is recorded. this new one is your official birthcert.

dont know about state authorities, presume there is one but i'm not a british resident.

google it. good luck!

BrownSuga · 09/05/2008 14:35

thanks, that helps a lot. it makes sense a bit more now.

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maryz · 09/05/2008 23:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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