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GLASKHAM!!!!! can I ask you a question?!

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manuka · 18/02/2008 19:58

Hello! I was just reading the thread about surrogacy (a woman and her sil) and noticed you were a surrogate mum.
Have you done this before and if so how does it feel? I think you are a wonderful person to do such a thing!
I suffered severe birth trauma and cannot risk a repeat as it took too long and too much energy to get over it. Lately I've been feeling maybe I would like another child but theres no way in this world I could ever do the pregnancy and birth thing again.
Is it expensive to enlist the help of a surrogate and how does the process start?
Would I be eligible to have the help of a surrogate or do you have to have fertility problems? (which I possibly have after the mess they made of me!)

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manuka · 19/02/2008 14:59


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QOD · 19/02/2008 21:53

I know you aren't speaking to me as such LOL but a reputable surrogacy organisation would generally only accept you to go on their list of IP's (Intended Parents) if you had exhausted all means of conceiving/carrying yourself.
You register with one of the support agencies then you may be chosen by a surrogate.
Your reasons sound good enough, its very hard to accept you can't have a 2nd child, just as hard I am sure as not being able to have your first!
Good luck

manuka · 20/02/2008 16:07

Many thanks for replying I appreciate that. Are you a surrogate mum?

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QOD · 20/02/2008 22:51

I am a mum because of a surrogate mum!
My best friend helped me out

manuka · 21/02/2008 14:13

Wow she really is a best friend! And how lovely for your dc to have her in their life. My mum had 2 amazing best friends (one's dead now) and they had a huge impact on my life in a very positive way as yours will on your dc.
Being a surrogate is such a phenomenal thing isn't it? I just couldn't ever do the pregnancy thing again it would be horrifying.

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