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Social Worker Health and Safety Visit tomorrow!

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Karcheer · 20/05/2021 16:47

We have a stage one Social Worker Health and Safety Visit tomorrow. I have biscuits, I've moved the bleach - anything else I should do?

what are they looking for?

what won't they like?


thank you :0)

OP posts:
Jacketpandbeans · 20/05/2021 17:13

I think ours involved pointing out things that could be a danger to young children e.g. open fire place, glass in doors, cupboard locks etc. It was very much a discussion rather than looking for things to 'fail' you! Think there were also a couple of things we were asked to sort before a child would be placed with us.

Notmenotme · 20/05/2021 17:39

Don’t stress! Good luck!!

I also wouldn’t worry too much about health and safety. If you end up adopting a toddler you soon learn what’s dangerous and solve the issues quickly!!!

Jannt86 · 20/05/2021 19:04

They'll have a long list of things to check (eg are your medicines and cleaning products locked up? Is there a clear fire escape? Any glass in doors/greenhouses etc that they could smash through?) They won't fail you and will just make suggestions. As long as you're commited to doing what they recommend you should be fine. You could earn brownie points by just having medicine and cleaning stuff locked up which should be easy enough to do x

Remy7 · 20/05/2021 19:46

Hiya, don't worry about it. I was really wound up before ours for no reason.
Our SW had a wander round our house with us and we just discussed together what would be a hazard and if we'd thought about what to do about it. We found ourselves saying "we've got safety locks for that cupboard" and "we're going to get a stair gate" as we already had a good idea. She made some notes so she knows what to look for when we're ready to be placed.
Bear in mind nothing has to be in place right now. You've got until a child is placed to sort it all so I guess this visit is just to check there's no major issues and so that you've got time to sort anything out Smile

Adoptodad · 20/05/2021 23:16

For us it was windows locks needed and the Gas safety cert (this included us needing Carbon Monoxide alarms).

Most of the things are to be in place before placement so no need to fret.

Karcheer · 21/05/2021 13:17

All done - she seemed to like the house :D

OP posts:
Artimis · 21/05/2021 22:18

I was just glad I'd cleaned the fridge - that could've been embarrassing...

Italiangreyhound · 22/05/2021 01:17

Great it went well.

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