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Mental health awareness week

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DodoBaggins · 10/05/2021 09:58

This mental health week, I wanted to share my story to hopefully help anyone else that's where I was.

Early February, I would dread getting up because I didn't want the day to happen. I would cry and be angry over things that wouldn't usually bother me. I was so, so tired. I didn't want to play with my children and I wasn't the parent I wanted to be or was before.

My OH said I was depressed. I didn't think so. I thought depression was where you were crying constantly and just wanted to sleep the whole day.

I didn't realise that's where I was headed.

My SW spotted the signs too and came to speak to me and we had a very honest conversation. After that I went to the GP for medication and therapy.

3 months later, I don't dread getting up in the morning. I love playing with my children and I'm the parent I was before.

Depression is slow and starts small. Anyone out there who thinks they're not quite themselves please reach out to talk to someone.

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UnderTheNameOfSanders · 10/05/2021 15:29


We adopted 14 years ago. This last year nearly broke me, having been taking on traumas from eldest and then younger having her own MH breakdown.
Finally we got some decent help for younger and a friend helped me find a counsellor for myself. Post adoption support have been fab too, especially in advocating for us to school.
I don't think I am depressed, I think my reactions have been a normal response to an abnormal situation.

But I agree, you have to ask for help and put on your own oxygen mask first. There is no stigma in needing help.

And this is true in adoption whether your DC has been placed for 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or 10 years.

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