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Why do you need a solicitor for contact arrangements

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DodoBaggins · 25/04/2021 21:15

I've seen a few posts recently about getting a solicitor involved for contact arrangements.

We have our finally hearing in June. Our SW has said we'll then finalise letterbox agreements. We're already aware of what they are to be.

I'm not sure why a solicitor would be needed for this. Our SW has also not mentioned the need for one. Is it only in specific circumstances?

OP posts:
DesdemonasHanky · 25/04/2021 22:13

I read that too but when we adopted 4 years ago there was no need for a solicitor. I think the poster is wrong or not in the UK.

Ted27 · 25/04/2021 22:48

In Scotland you need a solicitor for some parts of the adoption process, so its possible it was a Scottish adopter posting

Therapeutic70 · 26/04/2021 14:44

We’re in England. No solicitor was needed.

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