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Adoption..need some advice how to get to stage1

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KEALING · 17/04/2021 13:33

hi there
I was wondering on what the feedback is for using Coram adoption agency ?
Its just that recently approached the LA and they took nearly 1 month to respond to an initial phone inquiry and are requesting to go and volunteer to gain more child care experience - this is not easy in the current climate
they also suggested to read more books on adoption and its a requirement to have a spare bedroom
Is it usually this difficult to get to Stage 1 as they do not want to proceed just yet
Also is it better to go to Coram or LA ? Rather disappointed at how overly assertive the SW can come across...

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sabzino · 17/04/2021 13:53

I am currently with Coram. I have had a good experience thus far. I approached them before Christmas we had a informal chat and they told me to apply properly mid January because they have to respond to my registration of interest within a certain number of days. I did this and have recently been put forward to stage 2. In regards to spare bedroom it's blanket across the local authorities and agencies a spare bedroom is mandatory even if you are going for early permanence (babies). It wasn't always like this as most reasonable adoption social workers understood that the baby would be in the same bedroom.

Same goes for childcare experience, if you have family and friends with kids that's a start but ideally they want you to have experience or an understanding of children who have experienced difficulties and what that will require of you as a parent to not only provide 'good ' parenting but more than good.

Hope this helps

UCOinanOCG · 17/04/2021 14:03

What do you mean by a requirement to have a a spare bedroom? Do you mean a second bedroom apart from yours for a potential child or one for the child and additional one beyond that? The first is a must but the second is not normally needed. Not in the LA I sit on adoption panels for it isn't anyway.

UnderTheNameOfSanders · 17/04/2021 14:09

We went through adoption ~15 years ago, before there were such tight timescale requirements.
It seems to me that these days they front-load childcare experience because you can't so easily do it in parallel to assessment and still get sufficient.
It must be very hard trying to get experience in these covid times.

What age are you hoping to adopt? Maybe we can make some suggestions.

sabzino · 17/04/2021 14:14


What do you mean by a requirement to have a a spare bedroom? Do you mean a second bedroom apart from yours for a potential child or one for the child and additional one beyond that? The first is a must but the second is not normally needed. Not in the LA I sit on adoption panels for it isn't anyway.

Yes a bedroom for the child.
UCOinanOCG · 17/04/2021 14:17

@sabzino I know a bedroom for the child is an absolute must but I wasn't clear if @KEALING is saying she is only in a one bedroom property. That would be a hard no from SW.

KEALING · 17/04/2021 14:47

Well I live in a 1 bedroom now and have decided to move to a 2 bedroom in August..given that all the adoption agencies have this as a requirement. Just worried if being rejected after a move but that's a risk they told me I have to take...
Also I can sign up to a local nursery now that the covid rules are changing
The L.A. mentioned a strong support network and I provided examples of local friends with children and immediate family as well.
Am a prospective single adaptor and the age range is 1 to 4 years old. I am just not sure whether I need to approach an agency like PACT/CORAL or the L.A??

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UCOinanOCG · 17/04/2021 15:02

I would get everything ready before applying. Get a two bedroom house. Read all you can about adoption. See about volunteering if it is possible. If you have friends and family with small children meet up with them as much as possible. Then apply to be an adopter once you are ready. Also spend that time researching the various adoption agencies to see which one might best suit you. Good luck.

scully29 · 17/04/2021 15:19

Id also say a good thing to do when meeting up/caring for friends children to keep a detailed log of each time, and with any useful info in such as 'comforted her when she fell over by....', etc, as this is useful to show your abililties etc. And totally recommend joining Adoption UK and their zoom prospective adopter meet ups, they are SO good, and watch as many webinars as you can. And reading everything you possibily can, starting with Sally Donovan perhaps.

KEALING · 17/04/2021 15:28

Hi scully29

Will I be required to provide all these examples in the initial phone inquiry stage before getting to stage 1 ?? That's the first interview stage with a SW


OP posts:
scully29 · 17/04/2021 17:03

No, its all just useful stuff to start on your way.

Adoptodad · 19/04/2021 19:58

Preparation is key, you may well feel overwhelmed in stage 1.

Getting a full history of everywhere I have worked was a lot of work.

I am in my 40's and have had many jobs. Just finding the addresses for them all took about a week and many had changed hands etc.

As I had not worked with vulnerable people only my latest employer was interviewed but I needed to show a full history. My partner has only ever worked with vulnerable people so they had to check with each of those going back to when she was 18.

Another thing was my family history down to my parents uncles, aunties etc with DOB and death dates. This took a lot more digging but on the plus side we no have a full family tree :-)

Good luck it really worth while. My little one is upstairs now sleeping soundly after a nice day in the park and I can tell you its worth the paperwork a thousand times over.

KEALING · 19/04/2021 20:27

Thanks for the advice..i will start the process in August and hopefully have a 2 bedroom and more volunteering with children. I heard Keen London is a good place to volunteer and joined Adopt UK

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