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Sensory Toys for 4 year old.

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hiptobeasquare · 27/11/2020 07:34

Hi my little boy is 4 and his post adoption support worker has mentioned sensory toys and things like weighted blankets for when he is overwhelmed. Can anyone recommend an online retailer for these things? There are loads on Amazon but I am fearful of buying something that is not safe and I am trying to boycott Amazon. Thanks in advance. I am looking for things like: liquid timers, fidget items like bubble wrap type of toys, blankets etc.

OP posts:
movingonup20 · 27/11/2020 07:38

Home bargains did have weighted blankets a couple of weeks ago. Sensory toy wise there's a range of animal toys with different textures, Lamaze make them but so do others, aimed at babies they actually are great for older ones too, bought it for my autistic adult dd to destress, I can spend hours myself!

DaffodilSunshine · 27/11/2020 07:41

Probably not the cheapest but a reputable site with products that are definitely safe is

SFCA · 27/11/2020 11:42

Just a suggestion... before you pay out lots of money maybe try and assess what sensory input your LO would benefit from with stuff you already have? E.g. does he like being squeezed tight or burrowing under lots of cushions.

Our son is the same age and when he is stressed needs deep pressure but also movement eg being held and rocked or compression blanket and nest swing. He can’t use visual things to help him calm and he can’t cope with the processing when he is overwhelmed.

Sensory direct definitely a reputable site as is TTS.

Kw1311 · 27/11/2020 19:38

I have a koala blanket it’s great. Defo worth looking into this brand.

hiptobeasquare · 27/11/2020 21:15

Thanks for all the tips.
Yeah @SFCA we do have somethings in the house he benefits from, it’s more for things he can take to school for when he’s sitting on the carpet, or gets overwhelmed.

OP posts:
MutteringDarkly · 27/11/2020 21:43

We used a wheat bag cuddly toy to have something heavy on lap in school. Cheap, cute, and less noticeable in class. And a little backpack with a full water bottle or appropriately heavy book is good for when out and about.

Otherwise I stuck with places like sensory direct, as particularly with weighted blankets, you need to be really careful to get the right weight determined by the weight of the child (sure you know all this!).

hiptobeasquare · 28/11/2020 19:10

@MutteringDarkly Yes, I have had a look at weighted blankets and the sizing. Wheat ah cuddly toy is a good idea. Thank you for the tips.

OP posts:
percypetulant · 29/11/2020 08:48

We use sensory direct.

percypetulant · 29/11/2020 09:13

And physio room for wobble cushions for school.

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