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Adopting again at 45

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Florida05 · 09/10/2020 11:56

We adopted our little boy 5 years ago when he was 2. We found it tough (especially emotionally the inductions) and said never again!
A couple of years ago we got approached as a sibling was just about to be born - we decided against this as there was a 50% chance of a health issue that doesn’t come apparent until they start walking and we didn’t want to risk this affecting our sons lifestyle!
Anyway fast forward I’ve started thinking a lot about that baby and wondering what if..... obviously I know I can’t turn the clock back but I wondering if we should apply again. My son is perfect in his own way - so I’m afraid another child won’t live up to him but then I feel we have a loving home & my son would love a sibling! I’m 45 so maybe an older 3-4 child would be better and more fun for my son. Husband is supportive but he’s very laid back compared to me. We don’t have as much support as we did as grandparents are getting older. I’m pending a hysterectomy too but gave up along time on that so I don’t feel it’s that that’s pulling me. Any experience of adopting 3-4 when you already have a 7 year old and being an older ‘45ish’ mum?
Thank you

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user1497873278 · 09/10/2020 12:50

I was 47 and we adopted our little girl, she was 9 months, I have 4 birth children who are all a lot older. You might find a younger child easier for your son to bond with as he will enjoy helping you. 3-4 they will be more independent, maybe around 1-2 would be a nice age as your son will get to experience the toddler stage, and will find it easier to bond through play as they love teaching them new things at your sons age colours, rhymes etc, my children loved this with our daughter

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