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Matching Panel

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Kez91 · 18/08/2020 11:31

So yesterday was supposed to be our matching panel, but we were informed on Friday at 2pm that it would not be going ahead due to information, that our sw (who left in June) had missed out of our PAR. It now has to go back to the approval ADM and then a new panel booked. Has anyone else has an issue similar to this? I have given leaving dates at work etc and i am completely freaking out Sad

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poppet31 · 18/08/2020 12:14

Not the same situation but similar. We were deferred by the ADM at our approval panel because our PAR wasn't complete enough and we had to do some more work with our social worker and go back to panel 2 months later. Cock ups do happen I'm afraid. It was bad enough at approval panel - can't imagine how hard it must be at matching. I feel for you. I remember calling adoption UK at the time for some advice and they were very helpful.

Kez91 · 18/08/2020 13:33

I get that mistakes happen, its just annoying that it has only been picked up 1 working day before matching panel. They have said they will try to get us back at panel asap, they are doing everything they can, and I'm incredibly grateful to them. Just looking for other people's experiences 😊 thank you 😊

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