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endofacentury · 18/03/2020 10:27

Has anyone got a child diagnosed with FASD. I know there's a poster who has many adopted/foster children with FASD but not sure if she's still around.
My child has been diagnosed with autism and been told will get adhd diagnosis next year when is 6 years old. However, I'm wondering if she has FASD too. How would I go about getting this explored/diagnosed?
Thank you.

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Niffler75 · 18/03/2020 11:43

@endofacentury Hi, I have a son on FASD spectrum.
Diagnosis can be challenging. If you are in Scotland the pathway is much better. Adoption UK has set up the FASD Hub. That and NOFAS are a great source of info.

Go through any adoption paperwork you have with a fine tooth comb. Consider the birth family history. Is there any evidence or suspicion of birth mum having used alcohol at any time in the pregnancy? Was there a history of illicit drug use? Drug and alcohol use tend to go hand in hand.
I have done lots of reading around this (and I am a nurse). Lots of kids with FASD initially get diagnosed with ADHD.
Take the evidence to your GP and ask for referral to a to a Paediatrician. Has your daughter had any genetic testing as this will probably be offered.
With everything going on at the minute it is likely things will not happen in a hurry.
How long have you suspected? My son has autistic traits and at times seems like ADHD traits but the underlying cause is prenatal alcohol exposure.

endofacentury · 18/03/2020 11:54

Hi thanks for the reply.
I'm in England.
Yes heavy drug use throughout pregnancy, I was always told no alcohol but then one report there is mention of alcohol.
I'm dealing with extreme behaviour problems, lack of focus, hyperactivity etc. Was told we'd get adhd diagnosis, already had ASD diagnosis but I'm wondering if there is more to it and it's actually FASD I am dealing with.
We are due to see the paediatrician again in November, will have no chance of getting appointment before then. So should I ask at this appointment if they can look at FASD alongside the adhd diagnosis? Thank you

OP posts:
Niffler75 · 18/03/2020 12:29

Definitely take reports into Paediatrician. Is there evidence of drug use in pregnancy? Anything you have on alcohol use take also. Unfortunately lots of adopters have found information on any alcohol exposure not being made clear to them.
Take the time to read up on current research which very clear on the fact that a high % of kids coming through the care system have had pre-natal alcohol exposure. Have you tried and FASD support strategies?
Adoption UK FASDHub helpline 0131 322 8500
Reading- Understand Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, by Maria Catterick
My son responds really well to FASD support techniques.

endofacentury · 18/03/2020 12:33

Hi, yes it's well documented throughout all the reports birth mum is a class A drug user, plus prescription drugs too. Daughter went through withdrawal in scbu when she was born. I knew that from the start but was told no alcohol, but then I seen it mentioned once somewhere recently.
I will take this information to the paediatrician though it'll be another long wait til next appointment.
I haven't tried any strategies as I'm only just considering this now that the autism/adhd doesn't seem 100% the correct fit.
I will look at what you've mentioned thank you

OP posts:
Niffler75 · 18/03/2020 13:17

@endofacentury Drop back in if you have any questions. Take care! 💐

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