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Changing jobs before matching panel

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user1479136681 · 26/02/2020 14:31

My wife started a new job while we were in Stage 2, she was offered a promotion and significant pay rise which helped us in the panel as well as being great (we thought!) for her career.

Turns out they are a pretty dodgy company, they make up results (it's an engineering firm), don't comply with health and safety regulations or even the law most of the time.

She's been offered her old job back for the same pay, it's also a shorter commute and they have more flexible working hours which will be good when our baby is placed with us.

However they also want her to start immediately which means she'll lose out on the paternity pay and paid time off for baby. She will still be able to take the time off (1 month) but it will be unpaid. We have savings so we can manage but it's not ideal, although in the long term will be much better.

She hasn't made the decision yet. Spoke to the SW who thought it would be fine. I'm a little worried about whether this will come up during matching panel and possibly cause them to question the match??

Panel is 1 week today!

OP posts:
user1479136681 · 26/02/2020 14:34

Just to be clear they're honouring her new higher pay at the old job

OP posts:
Runner31 · 26/02/2020 15:06

Would be able to take adoption leave instead? I'm sure if one of you is able to take the adoption leave the matching panel will be happy.

user1479136681 · 26/02/2020 15:30

I'm taking a year of adoption leave anyway (plan a is that I don't return to full time work) so hopefully that will be okay

OP posts:
sunshineandskyscrapers · 26/02/2020 16:10

Seems like a bit of a no brainer to me. If she's having the same amount of time off that she was planning on in the job she doesn't like, she's going to a job she is already very familiar with, she'll be happier and you can take the financial hit of a month unpaid, I can't see what the matching panel could possibly find fault with. Why would this make them question the match? Your decision makes perfect sense so just be prepared to defend it in a completely positive way.

user1479136681 · 26/02/2020 17:38

Thanks :) I guess I'm just worried about appearing irresponsible.

OP posts:
fastliving · 26/02/2020 18:56

Completely makes sense to me to go back to her old job.
Presumably the new higher pay will go someways towards bridging the gap of 1 month of unpaid paternity?

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