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Help! So confused with biological fathers rights

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Runner31 · 10/02/2020 06:32

I don't want to go in to too much detail for confidentiality reasons but....
A sibling group are about to go forward for a permanence order. The biological father of one child is found and he wants that child and her sibling to go live with him. Needs of the non biological child means it's not in her best interests but if she doesn't go that would mean separating the siblings.
Its a mess but can anyone shed a light on likely outcomes? Biological father has no rights currently and has been unknown for a number of years.

OP posts:
Theresnoroomonmybroom · 10/02/2020 10:00

In my dds case, the older sibling went to his birth fathers family and newborn dd went forward for adoption despite siblings birth family requesting both children.

Runner31 · 10/02/2020 10:26

Thanks, I have a feeling that might happen here although in this case the siblings are older and have lived together from birth. They're very bonded.

OP posts:
defaultusername · 10/02/2020 11:03

I would imagine it would be a weighing up of the rights of the children (parents tend to have no 'rights' just responsibilities), it should all be about the children. Children have a right to a family life, and so older child has a right to live with her bio father, and younger child has a right to live with her sibling. It's how that's balanced with all their other rights.

In summary, the judge will not consider the father's rights, just the children's rights, and the right to family life. On a solicitor can properly advise you.

Theresnoroomonmybroom · 10/02/2020 11:25

That’s so hard. I think you could be right though, another family I know had the same situation where the 7 year old went to dad’s birth family and younger sister was adopted. They were incredibly close and it was very hard. The siblings kept in contact thought.

Hope it all works out for the best X

Ted27 · 10/02/2020 16:37

I think defaulusername is probably right. They will be looking at the best interests of the children, not what the birth father of one of them wants. He will be assessed, so there are several potential outcomes from that depending on the outcome of the assessment

Onceuponatimethen · 10/02/2020 16:45

I know a an FTA sib group where this happened. The 6 year old went to dad, 3 yr old sib went forward with adoption

Very hard on the sibs who were very bonded. Some contact was kept up

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