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Can’t sleep!

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SFCA · 17/08/2019 01:16

We go to panel on Monday and it is doing laps around my head tonight! I am so very nervous mostly because I have never wanted anything so much.

Sorry it’s another panel one just needed to share!

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DashOfMagic · 17/08/2019 08:52

Hi just wanted to say best of luck! Not sure if it’s approval or matching panel but congratulations for getting this far and getting your panel date - if they didn’t think you’d get through it you wouldn’t be going Wink

Two more sleeps x

flapjackfairy · 17/08/2019 09:01

My lovely husband is a big , tough looking gym lover. When they told us we were approved to adopt our foster child he put his head down on the desk and sobbed ! He was holding all the emotion in and not outwardly worrying whereas I was like you and tossed and turned in the wee small hours. Try not to worry too much though. It will be a huge weight off after panel and you will be fine . Please let us know how it goes X

Italiangreyhound · 18/08/2019 13:33

Good luck. Flowers

flapjackfairy · 24/08/2019 14:37

How did you get on ? X

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