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Possible Match!!

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MissHL · 14/08/2019 18:14

OMG! We were approved as adopters just last week and I have received a phone call this evening to say that they have found a possible match and are bring the file tomorrow! I was not expecting it to be this quick and I dont feel like I know enough about what happens now?! Any advice?

OP posts:
raeray · 14/08/2019 18:59

I didn't want to leave this unanswered as you must feel nervous, excited and everything else all rolled into one!
Have they given you any details at all yet or does it all come tomorrow?

Strugglingmum73 · 14/08/2019 19:11

How very exciting for you. Did they give you any details

MissHL · 14/08/2019 19:20

I have a few details, obviously I'm not going to share them I'd prefer to keep them to myself, but I have a few and from what I do know it sounds good!
I'm so excited, so nervous, anxious, all rolled into one!

OP posts:
tldr · 14/08/2019 19:20

That’s what happened to us. In our case they’d had DC in mind even before we were approved.

Who is coming? Your SW or DC’s SW?

If it’s yours, he/she probably won’t know much more than is in the CPR so will probably give you a synopsis, gauge your reaction, then leave you the full CPR to read later.

If it’s DC’s SW, I don’t know (but I’d be surprised if it was at this point.)

MissHL · 14/08/2019 19:25

It's our social worker that's coming with the full report and medical assessment of the child x

OP posts:
raeray · 15/08/2019 22:07

How did it go OP??!

ILoveEvie · 09/10/2019 23:06

@MissHL- how did it go?

AgathaCroosty · 09/10/2019 23:35

This happened to us. It's always reasurring when they find you rather than you finding the child I feel!!

Good luck with the process

MissHL · 15/10/2019 16:32

Sorry I've only just got back to you!

Unfortunately we were unable to proceed with the possible match due tonthe child having needs we just couldnt meet

OP posts:
raeray · 17/10/2019 22:09

Ahh sorry to hear that OP, but good to recognise that now rather than further down the line as hard as it must be.

Here's hoping for good news for you very soon 🤞🏻

ILoveEvie · 18/10/2019 10:00

Thanks for the update!
I’m sure that must have been hard for everyone but far better that you know that now!
I’m sure you’ll find your child soon! Keep us posted! X

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