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Matching panel

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2dads · 26/01/2019 21:44

What does the matching panel report consist of. We have panel in 4 weeks and we have only in the last few weeks got another social worker😬

OP posts:
Moomooboo · 27/01/2019 06:28

It’s quite a long document but nothing that I think with a committed social worker couldn’t be completed, I think even from scratch. It’s a very strange decision, but at the moment nothing to worry about. A lot of it comes from your PAR.

I would however be on the phone to them and probably ask for an additional few meetings with said social worker just to make sure she knew how urgent everything was. I can’t remember but I think the document has to be with panel either 1/2 weeks before the actual date. They ought to send it to you before sending it to panel. Did they tell you why your sw had changed?

In our matching panel though, the team manager for our service spoke quite a lot and she had never met us before...

2dads · 27/01/2019 08:54

Our LA has went through some big changes and our original social worker is now in a different part of the service. Really stressing us out

OP posts:
LaLaLands · 27/01/2019 21:15

Our matching panel report was all about the children. The children’s needs were in one column and then how we are going to meet those needs (our experience, knowledge or even just circumstances) and then any vulnerabilities/extra support required. It’s ALL about the children and it’s the family finder to demonstrate that you are the right adopters for the LO. Hope that helps.

Kewcumber · 28/01/2019 10:58

Oh dear - that's bad timing! I can see why you're stressed.

My process took so long that I had 3 different social workers. Somehow you all muddle on but I agree I'd be calling to try and get a meeting set up asa - you'll feel better once thats done.

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