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Books to prepare (adopted) DD for arrival of sibling?

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Rainatnight · 10/11/2018 13:56

I've posted about this before and now, eek, it's happening.

DD is 2.5. Birth brother is coming home to us in Jan (we think). He'll be about 6 months old.

I'd massively welcome any book recommendations for DD, to help us prepare her.

(Other advice welcome too!)

OP posts:
insmithereens · 10/11/2018 14:02

Interested in this too

Noseyposey1 · 10/11/2018 14:09

I started including LO in conversation, lots of wondering and saying things like ‘this is where baby will sleep’ this is baby’s car seat. And reassuring things like how LO will have own toys. Once you get pictures of LO put them around house, include in evening story time. This worked really well for preparing ours. Exciting times 🙂

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