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Pupil Premium Plus

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MissCheevious · 09/10/2018 20:51

Q & A we have been sent - just making all parents of school aged children aware..

  1. What is Pupil Premium Plus (PP+)? Is it different to Pupil Premium? Yes, Pupil Premium Plus is the specific funding allocated, by the government for ‘previously Looked After Children’ (from England and Wales or were adopted from state care out of England and Wales). It is payable to state funded schools but not private schools.
  2. How much is it? From September 2018 it is £2,300.
  3. How do we get this funding? It is up to parents to make schools aware of their child’s ‘previously Looked After’ status (some schools may ask for evidence). The school then reports this in their January census which will then trigger the funding - do not assume that this information will be passed from school to school (or from year to year).
  4. What can it be used for? The funding is an acknowledgement that children who have been previously looked after may have gaps in their learning and that for many their experiences may have an emotional impact on their ability to learn. It should be used to address the needs around this and support the cohort to reach their potential. Many schools will already have systems in place already – for example nurture groups to support children who struggle socially and emotionally, a member of staff that can be available to support children arriving at school or who struggle with unstructured times. This may not be child specific and a group or an intervention may be supporting two or three children at a time.
  5. Do schools have to tell me how it is spent? Prior to September 2018 the funding was not ring-fenced and so schools did not have to tell parents how the funding was used. Going forwards the Designated Teacher for Previously Looked After children should be able to inform parents of the impact the PP+ funding is having on the cohort.
  6. Who decides what it is used for? The school decides how it is spent. Ideally, the school should collaborate with adoptive parents to decide how this may be best used.
  7. Can I have a say in how it is being spent? It is encouraged that schools, through the Designated Teacher, work in partnership with parents to think about how this money is best spent to benefit the cohort. Parents must understand that this is all in collaboration with school and parents cannot direct the school on how to use the funding, however, parents are best placed to understand their child and their specific needs so it is advisable to build up a good relationship with school and the designated teacher through which to liaise on this subject.
  8. If my child has a specific need can pupil premium plus be used for it? If your child has a specific need it is important that you speak to the designated teacher to discuss how this could be met. If the school feels that this is an appropriate usage of it then it could be used to meet a child’s individual need.
  9. I’ve heard there a have been recent changes in relation to the designated teacher and pupil premium plus? What are these changes and what do they mean for my family? For the first time the funding is ring-fenced and must be spent on the previously looked after cohort. It is not a personal budget for one child. There is now a designated teacher for previously looked after children (who is likely to be the Designated Teacher for Looked After Children) and it is their responsibility to make sure that staff are attachment and trauma aware and that they are available to talk to you about issues such as bullying or attendance. It is key that you find out who they are and have a line of communication with them.
  10. I have heard that the Virtual School now supports adopted children? In what way? How can the virtual School help my family? The Virtual School can only offer advice and guidance around education for example, information on school choices. They may be able to direct you to the best point of contact within the local authority if you are having difficulties relating to education.
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fasparent · 09/10/2018 22:18

This may be of interest //

Frankswife87 · 10/10/2018 02:50

Thanks for the invaluable information!

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