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In praise of school

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UnderTheNameOfSanders · 24/07/2018 16:11

Little things. but good. DD's secondary school.

  1. DD displayed 'out of character' behaviour in a lesson a couple of weeks ago. Instead of being cross, the teacher rang me to ask what was wrong, pastoral support listened, and a bit of extra support was requested.

  2. This week DD got a kind of house points award. Quite a few get them, but an achievement for her, she just missed out last year. They get photo'ed with the HT and it goes online. But DD can't be in photo. So they took an individual one of her and HT, printed it out and sent it home with her.

    These kind of reasons are why she is there and not at the school across town.

    I'm glad she's breaking up tomorrow though. It has been a very long half term!
OP posts:
Rainatnight · 24/07/2018 19:31

Bravo your DD's school, and to DD for her award! Flowers

YesAnotherChangeOfName · 25/07/2018 19:42

Lovely to read a positive story about schools and well done to your DD!

PoppyStellar · 25/07/2018 22:47

That’s really lovely to hear. Well done minisanders Smile It’s really heartening to know some secondary schools ‘get it’. I’m a couple of years from secondary for DD and dreading the search for a secondary that gets it like her primary school does. This gives me a bit of hope. Thanks!

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