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Adoption certificate

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IAmMumWho · 11/07/2018 10:29

Hi this may have been posted before but our AO went through beginning of June and our Celebration day is next month. We've had confirmation letters stating it's been granted etc.

What I'm asking is, how long does it take for the new certificate with new name on take? We're wanting to open bank accounts and change name at Doctors etc.

Many thanks for reading x

OP posts:
PurpleMac · 11/07/2018 13:28

Our AO went through a few weeks before yours. We received a letter yesterday saying they are now available if we want to order them so hopefully yours won't be too far behind!

IAmMumWho · 11/07/2018 14:40

@PurpleMac thanks!

OP posts:
islurpmyspaghetti · 12/07/2018 11:36

I had to order ours from the General Register Office. They were very helpful. Their number is 0300 123 1837.

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