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Recommended reading for prospective adopters

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lookatthemoon · 13/04/2018 14:45

Hi all,

I've been given a reading list and I know there are lots (and lots!) of resources and studies about adoption.

As an adoptive parent, what book did you find really great? Or what book would you recommend to someone at the very beginning of this process.

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Polomintini · 13/04/2018 20:37

Hi, sally Donovan ‘no matter what’ is the best thing I read, it’s what made me know I really wanted to go ahead with the process. Good luck

Headwobble · 14/04/2018 19:07

By all means read the books. However because I have actually found meeting other people who have adopted much more useful in everyday terms. Our social worker gave us the names of some adopters who were happy to talk. Any friends of friends we also got t in touch with. I also found that any internet search and reading the forums was also very useful (keep in mind though that people only tend to post about the negatives).
The books are a great resource but utterly terrifying if read in isolation. Get out there and speak with people too Smile

CharlieSays13 · 14/04/2018 19:20

Everything by Dan Hughes. Our SW expected evidence of a lot of reading.

MummyDoingHerBest · 14/04/2018 20:06

If you just want information about HOW the process works typically, then I recommend the podcast done by the BBC last year called ‘the adoption’ Smile. It’s an honest reflection from beginning to end with interviews from ALL parties involved, including birth parents.

Otherwise, talking to adopters is brilliant.

I wish I’d made contact with the Sarah Naish Thereapeutic parenting website/FB group and her books which are great. She has lots of books too, links to PACE and Dan Hughes.

topcat2014 · 15/04/2018 07:42

We listened to the adoption podcasts.
Have read both Sally Donovan books
Also books by Julia Davis and Sarah Naish.
Planning to look at Youtube videos on Dan Hughes

lookatthemoon · 15/04/2018 08:44

Thanks for the great tips everyone!

OP posts:
Proudtrout · 15/04/2018 10:12

Yes, thanks everyone 😊

B1rdonawire · 16/04/2018 21:40

Echoing the support for Sarah Naish, she has a new one out "The A to Z of Therapeutic Parenting".

Also Amber Elliot "Why can't my child behave?" (Dreadful title, excellent book) and Caro Archer "Parenting the child who hurts".

PoppyStellar · 17/04/2018 09:53

Another vote for Caro Archer ‘parenting the child who hurts’. It was really helpful to me in the early days. Also anything by Dan Hughes

lookatthemoon · 18/04/2018 09:40

Thanks for the recommendations - keep them coming Smile

I just started listening to the adoption podcast on my drive to work this morning. Found it so interesting I continued listening to it (secretly) in work and then someone came in just as I was beginning the episode about the mother's story. Grrrrr.

OP posts:
Yolande7 · 06/06/2018 14:38

I started with some biographical books, then moved on to books about trauma, attachment etc. and finally read practical guides. That worked well.

Preparing for Adoption Julia Davis is very helpful.

Background reading:
Dan Hughes Building the Bonds of Attachment
Bruce Perry
Kim Golding
Brian Post
Holly van Gulden

Practical Guides:
Karen Pyrvis The Connected Child
Celia something Big Steps for Little People
Sally Donavan The Unofficial Guide for Adoptive Parenting

If you are less of a reader: many of the experts are on youtube. offers excellent free podcasts about adoption.

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