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what are our chances

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fruitandbarley · 15/03/2018 01:01

If we both used to smoke, but stopped 2 years ago, and my husband is/was on anti depressants for the last year, but now coming off them. ( we've had two miscarriages in the last 3 years and his business folded, he got put on them for panic attacks ). We have one birth child, but would really like to adopt. Is there any way we'd be given a chance?

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Jellycatspyjamas · 15/03/2018 07:11

I don’t see why not, you’re not currently smoking so that’s not an issue and most people have some kind of adversity on the road to adoption. Be prepared to talk about how you’ve come to terms with the miscarriages (maybe consider therapy to help process it it you haven’t already).

In terms of the business, you’d need to show that you’re financially secure and that you’re able to take a chunk of time off to settle an adopted child. Generally speaking it’s how you come through things that matters, not that things happened in the first place.

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