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Step parent adoption- not getting anywhere with social worker

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taylorsweet · 09/01/2018 14:17

Hi there I need some advice from anyone going through step parent adoption or any solicitors.

My husband applied to adopt my DD in 2015 to the local authority. It took them 1 year to allocate a social worker. We have been dealing with this social worker now for over a year and my patience is running thin. She took 1 year to interview everyone and prepare a report and we got to the stage to finally submit everything to local court but she made a mistake with dates and all got returned and all documents lost in post . She made numerous mistakes and there is constant delay. She is very nice but very inefficient and I really don't know where to take this now. It's been 2 years since we applied and application is not even in court yet. Do you know if possible for us to apply directly to court with our own statement or maybe instruct a solicitor?

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fasparent · 09/01/2018 16:36

Can apply direct too court , need too write too your LA of your intent,
go on line too Family Court Adoption. (Adoption for Guidance).
We did our own , though social services etc still have too do their input and searches on referee's , etc.
Think it cost us around £170 was some years ago (6). Cost too LA around £9000 and Agency's charge anything from £16000 upwards.
Court will send you relevant paperwork.
Would speak too family court for advice and guidance thing's may have changed. Coram Legal will also give you advice.

user1471134011 · 09/01/2018 17:10

Complain to supervising social worker /director of social care if that doesn't get Get you anywhere. Seems particularly poor, especially losing your documents

taylorsweet · 09/01/2018 17:18

Thanks for your message. We have sent letter of intention 2 years ago and waited all this time for social worker to do her job. She is supposed to send the application with her report and our documents but as i said keeps making mistakes and nothing gets done.

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taylorsweet · 09/01/2018 17:29

It's just frustrating why for other things one can apply to court direct with solicitor but for adoption you have to deal with local authority and they are so slow and not efficient

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