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Statutory Adoption pay for the self employed

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AliG79 · 20/10/2017 20:21

This is something I have never done before:
this week I have discovered that if I were to have another baby I could get statutory mat pay from the government however if I adopted one I can’t purely because I am self employed!!! Ps I am currently doing neither I’m just outraged!!

Please sign my petition to get it to parliament and also please please share it far and wide as I don’t know 10000 people. Thank you xx

OP posts:
thomassmuggit · 20/10/2017 20:49

You don't get SMP if you're self employed, it's maternity allowance, usually.

If you have a partner, and they are employed, they can claim the SAP.

It does feel unfair, but adoption is more plannable than pregnancy, no one 'fell' into adoption! So, if you're self employed, then saving up is needed. It does feel unfair, though.

AliG79 · 20/10/2017 20:54

Yes I am hoping to address the balance between Maternity allowance and adoption pay. It seems ludicrous that although adoption is more plannable as you said you should be penalised just because you are self employed. Thanks for the reply. Please share the petition.

OP posts:
gabsdot · 20/10/2017 21:00

In Ireland you can get adoptive benefit if you are self Employed. I got it for both our adoptions as I was self employed at the time.
Just saying.

StringandGlitter · 20/10/2017 22:51

This affected me too. It’s so crap. I’m using savings to fund my adoption leave.

AliG79 · 21/10/2017 18:59

Sorry to hear that. I just think an adoption allowance makes so much sense. Please share if you can .
Thank you

OP posts:
whyioughtta · 23/10/2017 00:13

Yep we are both self employed & cannot have birth children. No financial help does seem unfair but SS didn't even really seem to understand that if they enforce six months (min) off work with no statutory support or income our finances will alter dramatically - and we'll likely lose clients so will have reduced long term earnings. So it seems we need to save a big pot of money. Signed & shared your petition thanks for starting 💐

AliG79 · 23/10/2017 08:05

Thank you and sorry to hear about your experience. Hopefully there can be a change in the system soon.

OP posts:
Alljamissweet · 23/10/2017 09:56

This happened to us too. We are both self employed so we're set to get nothing.
I applied for tax credits and got something - more than nothing and a complete nightmare.
It is completely wrong that we self employed adopters are treated differently.

howmanyusernames · 23/10/2017 10:07

I totally agree with you. I'm self-employed, and while my OH is employed and can get adoption leave/pay, I think it is unfair I get nothing. Yet if I got pregnant I would be entitled to something from the government!

howmanyusernames · 23/10/2017 10:08

Signed btw!

Proudtrout · 23/10/2017 13:08

This really blows my mind. Government should be doing everything it can to support a placement. Penalising those of us who are self employed is so unfair!!

AliG79 · 23/10/2017 17:55

Thank you so much everyone and please share! It means a lot people are starting to sign it. Thanks

OP posts:
Proudtrout · 25/10/2017 10:44

Have plastered it all over Facebook too. X

AliG79 · 25/10/2017 14:35

Thank you so much

OP posts:
chocolatebrioche · 29/10/2017 22:09

Thank you for this. Signed and shared on Facebook. I am self-employed, and we have been saving for two years to cover my adoption leave. My husband gets 6 months off on full pay (fortunately has a good employer) but the system is totally skewed.

AliG79 · 30/10/2017 08:03

Thank you very much. It does seem very unjust! Slowly getting more signatures so thank you for sharing.

OP posts:
Rufus27 · 31/10/2017 19:54

I totally agree, AliG, but I think the issue is actually broader - it's not just the self-employed that it affects. I adopted last year and after returning, decided to resign and take on a last demanding post/supply work after Xmas when I will have served my notice.

Since then we have learnt that BM has had another baby and they would like to consider us to have this sibling. If it goes ahead, they want to look at a January placement.

Had assumed I would get maternity allowance, just like a pregnant woman who is 'between jobs' would, but I have since discovered I wont get a penny (even though I have worked full time for the past 22 years).

This is so frustrating as with two under twos, childcare will be extortionate and I wont have had chance to save for the next adoption leave since I've not long been back from the first. It will actually mean that I will need to work a day or so when DP is off right from placement.

Someone told me that the maternity allowance law is allegedly like this because you can choose when to adopt, but not when to get pregnant. Bollocks. In our second instance, we have had zero control over when DS's sibling arrives.

I did post about this on AIBU a while back, but had very few responses. That deterred me from making a petition - I thought no one would sign it! - so I salute you for doing this!

Rufus27 · 31/10/2017 19:57

Thomas: It does feel unfair, but adoption is more plannable than pregnancy, no one 'fell' into adoption! Erm, we have all but fallen into adoption #2. Call to adopt sibling came out of the blue (see post above).

OPAre you aware the petition has your real name in it (I presume?). You may want to alter it or NC here?

weeboysmummy · 31/10/2017 20:02

Signed - I'm not self-employed but I am an adoptive parent and totally support this.

AliG79 · 31/10/2017 21:24

Thanks all I really appreciate it and sorry to hear of your troubles Rufus27 but how exciting to have a new little one xxx

OP posts:
thomassmuggit · 31/10/2017 21:26

But adopting a sibling is a criteria for getting adoption allowance from the LA.

I know, because I can read here, that my opinion is not the majority, that it's not a great injustice that there isn't an adoption equivalent of maternity allowance. To my mind, there are pros and cons of being self employed, the lack of holiday pay, sick pay, and adoption pay are cons, and have to be factored in to the employed vs self employed decision making, as there are real pros to it. If you want statutory adoption pay, there is always the option of getting employed at the start of the process, as by the time of placement, you'd worked the required time. It's not like pregnancy, where it can happen just as you change employer, or out of the blue.

The fact that women get a small amount of MA for the end of pregnancy/recovering from pregnancy, is different to a planned event like adoption, where your finances are assessed. If you 'fall' into adoption, there is right to request an adoption allowance, and for siblings that should be looked at. In my view, MA isn't for the child, it's for the woman, and adoption is a more equitable process than pregnancy and birth, and more planned.

But, as I said, I can tell that my opinion is different to everyone else's here.

thomassmuggit · 31/10/2017 21:28

Rufus- there is a requirement they should assess you for adoption allowance. But they won't tell you that, of course.

It is means tested.

thomassmuggit · 31/10/2017 21:29

Or, Rufus, your partner could take the pay/leave this time?

Rufus27 · 31/10/2017 23:31

Thanks Thomas, handy to know.

nnchum · 21/03/2018 18:56

Hi AliG79, it’s an old thread but I have just found myself in a similar situation and signed the petition myself and forwarded to friends. We’re actually planning a surrogacy baby as I cannot carry a child, I am self employed so not only we end up paying massive amounts of money, we’re having to save for leave as well. Not being entitled to adoption allowance (which also includes surrobabes) is extremely disappointing!

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