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Adopting and blended families

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Purplemac · 24/07/2017 13:48

We are currently waiting for a panel date but likely to be late September or early October. One of the things I am very aware that the panel might bring up is how we will handle the blended family situation. We will hopefully be approved for one child aged 0-2.

DSD(7) is with us 50% of the time - three nights one week, four nights the next. Our social worker (who I am convinced doesn't like us!!) has expressed that there might be some concerns that DSD is with us sometimes and then goes off to a different home, and how confusing this would be for an adopted child to witness. I appreciate that, but I am also fairly certain that we are not the only step-family to ever have adopted - so I am hoping that some of you lovely people on this board might have some experience with this, and suggest things we can think of to help ease this situation?

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Queenofthedrivensnow · 24/07/2017 22:31

You're right you're not the only step family to have adopted. It's not a dead end just challenge the sw and have some answers ready as to why it's not an issue.

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