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Can you adopt at 45?

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AdelindSchade · 14/08/2016 12:15

DH is 40. One bc of 9. Would it be possible?

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Darthvadersmuuuum · 14/08/2016 12:21

Yes it is possible (former adoption SW) although it's highly unlikely you would get a baby. If you would consider a child aged 4+ then you would be considered. What is your motivation Adelind?

AdelindSchade · 14/08/2016 14:59

Thank you. We weren't really thinking of a baby. Although I'm aware of the challenges with an older child. I want to add to our family. I always have wanted another child. I had been thinking about it and then spoke to someone recently who has adopted successfully. A light went on then I suppose.

OP posts:
Darthvadersmuuuum · 14/08/2016 15:04

Yes there are challenges with older children, so you're realistic. Do your research and contact some agencies. Don't overlook your LA either. Some are better than others. Good luck Flowers

RosieandJim89 · 14/08/2016 15:12


ME and DH (late 20's) were apparently one of the youngest couples our LA had approved and were the youngest by 5 years at least at our prep group.

AdelindSchade · 14/08/2016 15:14

Thank you I will do some phoning round. I am LA SW, different dept, but it might be a bit close to home?

OP posts:
Darthvadersmuuuum · 14/08/2016 15:44

If you're worried about the risks associate tee with the placement of a local child, you needn't. It's risk assessed so that children aren't placed in areas where they could be identified by BF.

The assessment process is very indepth. I wouldn't want my work colleagues to be able to access my family's personal information! A neighbouring LA may be better.

RosieandJim89 · 14/08/2016 15:48

One of our SW was an adopter and had to go to another authority to adopt.

TearingDownTheWall · 14/08/2016 15:58

I'm mid 40's and was placed with a 10 month old. It's quite common in adoption circles to be over 40 to be honest.

AdelindSchade · 14/08/2016 17:22

Thank you all. Yes there are other authorities which are close by.

OP posts:
Dolly15 · 15/08/2016 16:43

Hi my husband and I are both 45. We have just adopted a 10 month old little girl. So yes it's possible and whether you get a younger child depends on your circumstances and the age range you state. It also depends on the children who need adopting and other potential adopters in your area. Good luck. Smile

AdelindSchade · 15/08/2016 17:48

Thank you. Congratulations!

OP posts:
2old2beamum · 16/08/2016 14:55

I was 65 and DH was 62 when are LO was placed with us at 3.5 years. To be fair we were approached by SW as no one came forward when she was advertised. Here we are she is 11 and I have the dubious honour of being the oldest mum in the school! We also have a DS who is 17.

So to answer your question 45 is not too old you are a spring chicken by comparison.

Good luck

AdelindSchade · 16/08/2016 14:57

How lovely! Well now you put it like that :)

OP posts:
Rainatnight · 17/08/2016 07:48

My DP is 46, and our social worker doesn't think we're old at all. he's considering babies for us.

Chicklette · 17/08/2016 18:42

We were 46 and 40- both women - and adopted 6 month old and 18 month old despite not having any preference for a baby and being approved for 0-7

SpookyRachel · 17/08/2016 21:53

We were 46 and 48 (both women) when we adopted a 10 month old baby. We already had a bc aged 4.

JDL13 · 25/08/2016 17:16

We were 46 and 47 when we were matched with a 12 month old.

That was over 2 years ago and everything has worked out just as we planned! I must admit that any older and I'm not sure we'd have the energy to cope! If you are fit and well I can't see why being in your 40s should stop you from adopting.

Just go for it and see what happens when you get to the matching stage - It's amazing - All the very best of luck :-)

Clockworklemon · 26/08/2016 07:52

I was 46 when our 9 month old AC was placed with us. Age was never an issue.

UltegraGirl · 31/08/2016 15:41

We adopted a 6 month old DS last year - I'm 45 and we've been encouraged to reapply for a sibling when the time is right.

Go for it ! Don't listen to any rules or trends. Age was never an issue - not mentioned at all. Smile

flapjackfairy · 05/09/2016 18:52

My husband is 51 and I am 50. We are waiting for our ao to come through for a 2yr old little boy who was placed with us in foster care 16 months ago. He has complex needs and will need long term round the clock care. We didn't find our age an issue at all and we feel that looking after little ones is keeping us young. I have always wanted to adopt but the time was never right before as we had no spare bedroom until one of our birth children left home to get married last year. Don't let age put you off if you feel adoption is right for you. Best of luck whatever you decide

MyJuneName · 06/09/2016 22:36

DH was 45 when we adopted 13 month old DD. I was 40. SW kept referring to us as young adopters!

stinkybelle · 07/09/2016 16:59

I was 45 when I adopted dd as a single parent.. She was 2 I'm now doing it all over again (50) panel in 2 weeks Smile

WeAllHaveWings · 10/09/2016 18:55

dsil(44) and dbil(48) adopted at 15 month old baby a couple of months ago.

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