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Adopting a child I already am the guardian of?

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Cressy87 · 13/12/2015 20:55

I've had full legal guardianship of my best friend's son (who's 7), since she died 3 years ago, and I would like to adopt him.

I actually had a pretty tough time getting guardianship of him, even though my best friend had me written in as the intended guardian in her will, since both his dad (who to this day has still never even met him) and my best friend's sister both contested it, and it took almost 6 months for me to get full guardianship of him.

I was wondering if anyone else has done this, or looked into it? What was the process like, and how long did it take?

OP posts:
fasparent · 14/12/2015 00:56

Can apply for private adoption, find a good family solicitor, notify Local Authority 3 months before proceedings of your intent as you file for proceedings, should be strait forward. Can Google...... Child Adoption-GOV UK " will high light the procedures of Private Adoptions as are slightly different too one's on these boards.
Wish you all the best.

fasparent · 14/12/2015 10:49

Is not Private Adoption as private is illegal in the UK, but will show you the application and protocol of application procedure , too different forms of Adoption.

Kindest Regards

fasparent · 14/12/2015 10:50

Is not Private Adoption as private is illegal in the UK, but will show you the application and protocol of application procedure , too different forms of Adoption.

Kindest Regards

Kr1stina · 15/12/2015 00:51

Cressy - can I ask why you think it would be better to adopt him ? I mean rather than having the SGO?

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend / your Sons first mother

fasparent · 15/12/2015 12:02

Simple for most but not always possible for some, for both Parent and Child
Adoption is complete Full parental rights, name change and better outcome.
Not too degrade SGO where children are placed with Family or loving people who are very close too them, who may always have the opportunity too adopt later if they wish , all have choices. Which best out come for the child at the time is always the best option.

Cressy87 · 15/12/2015 13:32

@Kr1stina I want to adopt him because he is my son. I've thought of him as my son for at least the past two years, possibly longer, and I would like to make it official. He has also expressed that he wants me to adopt him. I also feel like adoption would be better suited to our situation, since, from my understanding (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) with an SGO there is a likelihood, however small, that the child will eventually return to the birth parents, but my son never will.

OP posts:
Kr1stina · 15/12/2015 17:58

So it's about the emotional commitment rather than any legal advantage , is that right ?

I'm only asking because adoption is a long and expensive process and its sounds like his father is unlikely to consent , which makes it more complicated .

The courts have to consider if it's in the child's best interest to cut all links with his bio families. I'm afraid that your views and the child's will not be considered in this process . It's about what the court thinks is best for him .

I'm not try to put you off, but perhaps you want to get some advice as to the advantages and disadvantages of the two options .

Your small family has been through a lot and you may not want to take on another legal battle unless you are sure it will be worth it .

IME it won't make any difference to how you and your son feel about each other . Nor how other people regard you. i say this as an adoptee and an adoptive parent .

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