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Life story books

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anxious123 · 25/11/2015 13:15

Hi guys,

So my birth sons placing LA have finally decided to start putting together his life story book, I just wondered what your LOs books contained about the birth family, and what you'd like to be included if possible - I'm contributing to it and have no idea what to send. Any hints would be great


OP posts:
Kr1stina · 25/11/2015 17:36

Id like several photos of BM, some of her as a child, family member she was close to, some happy memories of her childhood , favourite things she liked to do .

I'd also like information about how the BM felt during the time she spent with her child, however brief that was .

I'm not sure if you are in a position to give any information about your childs biological father , but if you had any, that would be good . I'm hope you have received some support about how to deal with this, I know your story has been very difficult and traumatic .

Under other circumstances , I would like information about the pregnancy , but I'm not sure how that would be for you .

I know this must be very difficult - you are being very brave to do this for your child Flowers

anxious123 · 25/11/2015 17:50

I've given them his father's details - or those I know. We split the night LO was conceived.
I shared some info about the pregnancy when I met his mum but that's food for thought.
I've sent over photos of my childhood/adult life

Thanks for the suggestions x

OP posts:
Hels20 · 25/11/2015 17:51

I second everything Kristina said. I would like to know how many siblings BM has and where she fitted in to the order, where she was born, what she did for work, what she liked at school. Maybe what she hopes for our son. I would also like to know a bit about the grandparents - what they did for work, where they came from. And agree about what you feel you can tell about pregnancy and birth.

I imagine helping with life story book is very hard in your circumstances. But it is amazing that you can do this.

freshoutofluck · 25/11/2015 21:39

What a generous spirited question to ask Anxious - I hope you are doing OK.

I agree with PPs, and would also maybe say you are open to later questions if and when the life story book is updated? The books are (ideally) gradually updated as the child grows older, to include different age-appropriate language and information. So while for now, the book may well be quite light on detail, it might be really good to keep the door open on contributing to later versions.

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