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Best news to come out of the election...

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SirSpamalot · 10/05/2015 09:49

can't believe I've only just seen it.

He who must not be named has lost his seat!

OP posts:
Hels20 · 10/05/2015 10:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Barbadosgirl · 10/05/2015 16:20

Tee hee!

Kewcumber · 10/05/2015 23:27

Oh I almost feel bad about sniggering. No more parliamentry privilege for him... but now he's going to dragged in as a rent-a-commentator for every scandal.

Devora · 11/05/2015 00:20

Yeah, all that time on his hands... and as we know, he is independently wealthy. But I bet the LibDems are hugely relieved to be rid of him.

SirSpamalot · 11/05/2015 09:30

There is that, yes (more opportunity for mischief making). Time will tell what that means...

But, like Kew, I did have a fair sized smirk on my face when I saw the news.


OP posts:
EhricLovesTheBhrothers · 11/05/2015 09:31

Has he?!?? Amazeballs.

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