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Approved today!

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Ellengriswold · 26/03/2015 23:39

Hello all. Been on this board since we started on the adoption pathway, about a year ago. Just wanted to say I've found the stories and advice so helpful and to share our news that we were approved at panel today. I've been grinning from ear to ear all day.
Was completely OTT nervous and actually all the panel were very friendly. A year in and this is where it gets exciting!
Looking for a sibling group hopefully.
Any tips or experiences to share? Timescales? Thanks in advance and ....woo hoo! (Excited face).

OP posts:
f1fan2001 · 26/03/2015 23:45

Nothing to share except - congratulations Smile

dimples76 · 27/03/2015 05:43

Congratulations! Celebrate this moment.

iwishkidslikedtomatoes · 27/03/2015 07:17

Congratulations!!!!!!! My first piece of advice is go out and celebrate and then go out again and again lol. Our first night out as a couple is planned, 7 months from the date our gorgeous siblings moved in. We ignored advice to go out as a couple and partied with friends because 'we'd been together over a decade and done so much together'. Smile I wouldn't change the fact we can't now but I would change that we should have done prior to our match!

As for timescales? Ours was nearly 3 months for a match, then another month until matching panel but I know of others who've waited longer for siblings, we were lucky and were proactive in using AdoptionLink, attended a BAAF adoption party and had a proactive social worker (never would have got opportunity to attend that party so early on otherwise!). It has changed with the BS case, so ideally you need to speak to people who are waiting right now (we seemed to miss the effects of that by a matter of weeks) However, it also depends on where you live as some areas of the country have many children waiting and in others there maybe only 2 children. It's really hard isnt it, you get approved and are then, come on lets do this and don't want to wait! Matching is the hardest part but you'll get there and then boom! Your life will never be the same again in a supremely awesome way and an entirely exhausted way too Smile

imkeepingeverythingcrossed · 27/03/2015 08:59

Congratulations GrinGrinGrin we were approved in November and we've been making the most of going out before it all changes. Wink We have a potential link at the moment just waiting for managers decision next week.

Kewcumber · 27/03/2015 09:21


Yes go out to the cinema/theatre/whatever your chosen pursuit a LOT!

Do all that stuff around the house that you meant to get around to and stock up the freezer with meals for you.

Kewcumber · 27/03/2015 09:22

I adopted in the olden days and things were different then... you'd hang yourself if you heard my timescales so I will remain tactfully silent.

Chev123 · 27/03/2015 11:15

I've got matching panel in a few weeks, it will be exactly 6 months from my approval panel if that's helps at all? And congratulations, keep hold of that joy and remember it whenever you get frustrated with the next stage! Xx

Ellengriswold · 27/03/2015 12:08

Thank you everyone. I shall obviously take your almost unanimous advice and go out and celebrate lots!
Weirdly I felt the need to clean the vacuum cleaner filter and skirting boards last night which I'm putting down to nesting... I really must get out more.
The timescales are interesting and in line with our hopes. Would be nice to have some (ok, a lot of)toys around the tree at Christmas. Oh and here come the tears again....

OP posts:
MyNameIsFled · 27/03/2015 12:21

Congratulations Thanks

34 days to go til we go to panel and hopefully will have the same grin you have x

meplusone · 27/03/2015 12:54

whoohoo ,its the best feeling isnt it ? your going to be parents :)

we already had a child so were used to staying in but i woud suggest booking that restaurant that doesnt do childrens menu , cinema, as seeing a film will be even more expensive after paying babysitter and you may do like me and sleep through a whole film ! spa weekends and creating lots of lovely couple memories so when your having abit of a rough time as all parent do, you can remind yourselves that you still like your DH , despite him choosing to do something that totally mucks up your routine, day !

we waited a year to be matched and now have a beautiful 1 year old , waiting is hard and can feel like it may never happen , but our match is wonderful and we are loving our bigger family xxx

GirlsWhoWearGlasses · 27/03/2015 19:27


Agree with everyone else, I miss warm poppadoms!

sarahlux · 27/03/2015 19:30

Amazing feeling isn't it :)

Congratulations xx

Italiangreyhound · 27/03/2015 20:24


My only advice is be open but go with your gut. Get all the info you can and keep reading here and posting for support.

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