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Daisiemoo · 31/01/2015 08:37

So we start intros this week! Eeeek!!
During the intros we start taking over the children's routines, we need to be there to get them up for breakfast and then lunch and then tea etc etc...
Do we take our own food/ teabags etc. do we eat with our children at the same time?
How have other adopters dealt with this please?

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FamiliesShareGerms · 31/01/2015 08:43

Our FC were lovely and fed us alongside DD, no question. The kettle was never off either

We had breakfast and dinner at home and quite quickly started going out for the day with DD so had lunch out

Alljamissweet · 31/01/2015 13:41

When we did intros we walked in the door and bang we were doing everything straight away.
As we were a bit naive, we never thought but what I wish we'd done is have a couple of days of observing. Especially what LO eat.
Our lovely FC said our LO would eat anything ....... Not the case and to be honest when we got home, food was a bit hit and miss for a while.
Food and drinks were generously offered at FC and obviously when we transferred to our house for second half of intros that changed.
You cannot get too much info in this time.
Good luck and bank some sleep now Wink

Daisiemoo · 01/02/2015 21:17


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Littlemeg37 · 01/02/2015 21:44

I'm a foster carer and have gone through intros lots of times and will be again soon. You don't need to bring any food or drinks with you as the foster carer will feed you I'm sure Smile I usually let the new parents observe for a couple of days until little one gets more used to them and then they take over and I always provide lists with what they like to eat, their basic routine, if they are frightened of anything, everything I can think of what will help them settle as quick as possible with their forever family.

Good Luck and Congratulations Smile

Daisiemoo · 02/02/2015 20:30

Thanks littlemeg! thats reassuring x

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