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recordable photo album thingy!

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raggydolls22 · 23/01/2015 11:23

hello lovely mums netters. I've never posted a message on here before so here husband and i are going through adoption and have recently been matched with a baby boy. were looking for a book like the tomy forget me not record album which is now obsolete i was just wondering if anyone on here knows if there are any similar recordable photo albums available as we can't find anything as good. thanks :)

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Kewcumber · 23/01/2015 12:13

I think someone posted about this quite recently and found an alternative. I think it was someone pretty regular so they will probably come along and tell you shortly.

And congratulations on the match!

raggydolls22 · 23/01/2015 12:45

thanks kewcumber. yeah its all a bit surreal at the moment but were soooo excited! :) i had a look through the posts to see if anyone mentioned something about them but couldn't see, ill go back and have a proper look. thanks again :)

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Kewcumber · 23/01/2015 13:05
iwishkidslikedtomatoes · 23/01/2015 14:11

You can buy talking photo albums from this site but don't look colourful like the Tomy one.

HappySunflower · 23/01/2015 19:56

You can still find the tomy ones, if you're prepared to hunt around a bit!
This sure seems to have them and there's a brand new one on ebay at the moment :)

HappySunflower · 23/01/2015 19:59

Oh and a link to the new version is here

Velvet1973 · 23/01/2015 20:00

Our lo was only 6 months so we got the Lamaze butterfly one but it does only hold 4 photos. I have to say I think it is perfect for little ones who don't really get the photo thing so early intros. He's 7 months now and loves it and recognises us in the photos but especially likes hearing our voices.

cutelife79 · 23/01/2015 22:12

I just brought this tomy talking photo album a few days ago from managed to find a seller from US who was OK with shipping to the UK. Delivery is expected on Tuesday. And i only paid exactly £30 inc shipping (much less than some UK sellers are selling it for) Unfortunately the seller is no longer shipping to the UK otherwise I would have posted the link for you but I think its worthwhile to keep checking every now and again as you may well find another seller who is willing to deliver to UK again soon. Its worth holding out for as the new replacement doesn't seem to be as great, its much smaller with not much space for that many pics plus more expensive. Good luck!

bberry · 24/01/2015 08:34

I have one in the drawer we never used, as sw wanted a DVD instead!!

Pm me

fasparent · 25/01/2015 11:02

Asda do photo books may be better for older children, can make a great book and have it professionally finished, also they are great just too make up for other things record of child's best trips out , 1st birthday , Adoption celebration's. etc. just Google Asda Photo books.

fasparent · 25/01/2015 13:42

Forgot too add too make things more personal you can do a PowerPoint presentation on your PC and burn it on too cd or dvd , they can then view using TV or Their PC. Can do a video same way.

meplusone · 23/03/2015 21:48

we bought a butterfly shaped one from lamazze ? lift the wings and our faces are underneath also has a record function to record messsage to go with each photo - our 1 year old loves it x

Micheal1 · 13/02/2016 09:24

I have two available brand new at £9.99, if anybody interested

meandyouplustwo · 15/02/2016 12:25

our little bird came to us at 11 months and is now 2 years . We used lamaze butterfly and she loves it . congratulations on getting your little bubba . we also recorded a message in a build a bear x

Stephus1 · 25/02/2016 07:25

New to mumsnet and trying to find my way around do you still have an interactive photo album?

Daisydot1 · 15/06/2016 20:27

Has anyone got any Tomy Talking Photo albums for sale? Im adopting two little ones and trying to get hold of two! Proving to be quite tricky! Thanks.

Italiangreyhound · 16/06/2016 00:32

You could try the 'Lamaze - Photo album with butterflies and sounds', they are quite pricey, around £18 but the Tomy ones are on sale on Ebay for more like £50.

Just so you know we also made/bought a number of things for our son:
A dvd of things in our area, like the local park and school
A scrapbook of things that he may like
A blanket with his name and date of birth on (which I slept in the bed with so it smelled like me!)
A number of soft toys (3) and a book which we gave to him in the week of introductions - all focused around things he liked - and at different stages, e.g. a teddy the day we met him 'Look after teddy until we see you tomorrowand another toy the day our dd (birth child) met him
Plus a Tomy record-able book.

Because they are so expensive and you need two maybe see if any rich relatives would like to buy this for you (not for them to give the children but for you to give to the children).


tracysciales · 08/09/2016 22:30

Does anyone still have brand new Tomy photo book still?

Cherry321 · 12/09/2018 23:15

Hi all. We have recently been matched and would like to organise a recordable photo album, but Im really struggling to find anything avaialble. The lamaze butterfly, tomy and vtech equivalents are all unavailable on amazon.
Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Smile

Smudgymoo · 13/09/2018 06:27

They don’t seem to make or sell the tomy forget me not thing that we were recommended - so we bough baby einstein say and play it’s okay but if baby presses the red button then they will record over it - but as they have to press and hold it maybe it’s unlikely?? This is what we have so we hope it’s enough! We also have laminated a couple of A4 photo, got a pillow with our faces on from boots and then got another soft photo album just in case. Our SW like this, will see on Tuesday if panel think this is enough!!!

DashOfMagic · 13/09/2018 07:50

Hello, congratulations both!

cherry I use this for work sometimes:

It’s good but looks very plain so would need decorating.

@smudgymoo What does the baby Einstein one look like, is it a story about something else that you can just add photos and voice to? We’ve just been matched too, and scouring to find ideas for intro books and toys Grin

Cherry321 · 13/09/2018 09:07

Thanks Dash and smudgy I will look at both of those. Hope panel goes well for you smudgy.

Smudgymoo · 13/09/2018 18:09

It’s got a few animals in it, no story, only photos. It’s okay and fairly cheap so not a waste of money even if they only hear the voice a couple of times before recording over by accident!

DashOfMagic · 13/09/2018 19:20

Thanks smudgy, that sounds ok!

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