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Question for those who have completed adoption order

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Whatutalkinboutwillis · 14/12/2014 09:25

We have just applied to formally adopt our lo. Am very worried as bp have to be informed and we have been told that the paperwork they receive will include our names.

We have a very unusual surname and I am the only one of me in the uk. If my name is googled our address and business address comes up and I am very worried about this.

I thought the fact it was an adoption meant we would be kept anonymous. We have halted all proceedings until this is sorted out. Any advice?

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dreamcometrue · 14/12/2014 09:29

There is a box (on the first page I think) that you tick to say it'll be anonymous. Then you'll just be known as "w" if you see what I mean.
Are you filling out the forms yourself or is it s.wrker?

Barbadosgirl · 14/12/2014 10:22

That's right, I think you are given a serial number or something.

Lilka · 14/12/2014 12:33

As the others said, you choose whether or not to be anonymous. It's one of the first questions on the AO application form. If you tick to be anonymous, all of the paperwork will refer to your application by a serial number, instead of using your name

OurMiracle1106 · 14/12/2014 14:28

I as a birth parent received paper work and they were referred to as Mr a and Mrs b. Despite me knowing their first names after meeting them I don't know there last names or whereabouts and I feel this is easier for all involved.

Whatutalkinboutwillis · 14/12/2014 18:40

Our solicitor has done it all and has said she needs to reapply to the court for us to remain anonymous. There is not problem with birth mum but there is with birth father so have serious concerns about him knowing who we are

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