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Adopting own child in the 60s - can any one help please?

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maxybrown · 15/09/2014 21:45

Hi, can anyone possibly help me out with this please? Wasn't sure where to put it so hope I'm in the right place.

Late sixties, child is born to unwed single mother. No Fathers name goes on the birth certificate and child is given mothers name.

6 years on father reappears (??) and another child is on the way. They get married.

To give first child same surname, father then has to adopt his own child.

Can anyone tell me - is this likely to be true? Is this what/does happen please does anyone know?

Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
maccie · 16/09/2014 14:08


I know that in late 70's when I was born my birth certificate had my mums details and father 'unknown'. When mum met my step dad a few years later and married him, my step dad wanted to adopt me and they both officially adopted me. My mum told me that is was quite strange to be adopting her own child but that this was the way it was done at the time.

I have a birth certificate with my new surname on it and it is dated from the time of the adoption.

Things were done differently back then.

maccie · 16/09/2014 14:13

Could you ring the registry office concerned and ask if that is the procedure that was in place at that time. Was it not possible to add a fathers name later on unless it was done that way ? If they can't help you they could maybe point you in the direction of the next steps to take.

How are you feeling about this OP ? Have you only just found out this information or have you always known it but are sceptical it's the truth ?

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