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Life story - that book someone recommended...

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namesmayhavebeenchanged · 09/09/2014 19:54

Which one was it? Can't find the thread. Our SW has esentially asked us to write his book (!) :)

She basically said 'You'll only rewrite it anyway' which is fair enough really.

And any crafty 'I got this scrapbook and did this' suggestions would be entirely welcome as some of us have many many thumbs...

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namesmayhavebeenchanged · 09/09/2014 20:26

his book = ds's book :) not sw's

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Lilka · 09/09/2014 20:27

No idea if this is the one you're thinking of, but I always recommend "Life Story Books for Adopted Children" by Joy Rees . I thought it was very good.

I remade my DS book using that basic model and it turned out very well (IMHO!)

namesmayhavebeenchanged · 09/09/2014 21:47

cheers lilka, that's what I was after :)

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Italiangreyhound · 09/09/2014 23:32

namesmayhavebeenchanged not sure I would be happy with this.


Our SW has esentially asked us to write his book???

What? Surely the purpose of the book is to provide information about the child's life before they joined you. I assume the social worker will supply all the photos and information etc and will just ask you to arrange it?

We are waiting for ours and I may need to re-arrange the book if appropriate but I am not sure I would be keen on a social worker asking me to do the job for them, or am I missing something?

Copper13 · 10/09/2014 10:12

Was it my recommendation names?

Ours is lovely and I'm really pleased with it. Must start adding bits to it soon Blush

Copper13 · 10/09/2014 10:14

Got to say I agree with Italian though, it absolutely should be the SW's responsibility. Our peas in a pod book is supplementary to the official life story book.

Copper13 · 10/09/2014 10:15

Oops, just noticed Lilka has found the one you were looking for, xx

namesmayhavebeenchanged · 10/09/2014 20:37

she's supplying the information for me to word. I'd probably reword anyway so it's not a biggie tbh although I am conscious that it is her job :)

OP posts:
namesmayhavebeenchanged · 10/09/2014 20:39

no copper very helpful actually although their etsy link doesn't actually show the book.

OP posts:
Italiangreyhound · 10/09/2014 23:55

Good luck.

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