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redfishbluefish · 05/09/2014 15:55

Just a quick post to say that if your LO already has a passport, you can use a copy of your final adoption order to have a name change made in a new passport. No need (for this purpose, anyway) to worry about adoption certificates, etc.

Fast track service (you apply in person at a passport office) means you get the new passport back by post a week later. We recently did this and were so relieved - the passport advice line advisors weren't entirely sure it would work but said yes theoretically it should and I am happy to say it does!

OP posts:
HappySunflower · 05/09/2014 20:52

This is such helpful information-thank you.

Were you charged for needing to do this?

redfishbluefish · 05/09/2014 22:17

Hi Happy. Yes, it was £87 plus optional £3 for supporting docs to be returned by secured mail (normally only the passport is and supporting docs by 2nd class post). Not cheap but we had our reasons.

OP posts:
HappySunflower · 05/09/2014 23:45

Thank you :)

I wonder how much they normally charge without the fast track service.
I need to change my daughter's over but am not in a hurry!

redfishbluefish · 06/09/2014 00:07

Fair enough! I think £46 for normal service by post or online and £54.75 for the Post Office check & send service.

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HappySunflower · 06/09/2014 10:20

I didn't think they charged for a name change....will get saving!

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