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Have you seen these? Nice idea for a Life Story book?

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Copper13 · 01/05/2014 14:41

Just had an email through from the LA we adopted DD through. They have sent a link to all past and present adopters about this company who make books and cards specifically for adoptive families. They themselves have adopted 3 LO's.
They look quite nice, if a little on the pricey side. The only ones I've seen which were similar were very Americanised, this is a UK family.
birth family history
· foster care memories
· reasons for needing a new family
· medical information
· firsts with the new family
· school memories
· favourite things

Just thought some of you may be interested, x

OP posts:
Buster51 · 01/05/2014 15:45

This is fab Copper13, I did just buy a generic scrap book from a local store to start working on little ones life story book but this looks perfect.

May well have to invest :)

RhinosAreFatUnicorns · 01/05/2014 19:46

Love this. The life story book prepared by a SW (who didn't know us) is full of errors and I've been meaning to put our own together for ages. I've bought one :)

Copper13 · 01/05/2014 21:40

Rhino, our life story book has been sent back to be almost completely re-done, it was so full of errors ranging from names being spelt incorrectly throughout and dates wrong. It even says "and on xx xx 2013" you moved in with your new mummy and daddy xxxxx and xxxxxx (FC's names instead of ours) Shock
I've bought one of these books and will do our own instead as I think it will be 10 x better than what has been seen so far. ( not trumpet blowing, a junior school pupil could have done better)

OP posts:
RhinosAreFatUnicorns · 01/05/2014 22:43

I would have sent it back but I waited over 12 months for it! I won't even go into the fact that they asked me for photos of DD and of birth parents 3 months after I had sent them, and when I asked where the ones I had sent where, was told that she wasn't sure, they might be at her home somewhere Shock

OurMiracle1106 · 02/05/2014 01:07

I am a birth mum and today went through the permanence report (wasnt shown to me at the time) and they had my date of birth wrong which then meant they had my fathers date of death wrong. How old I was when I married wrong, when I gave birth, etc. It was actually quite important.

Hels20 · 02/05/2014 07:20

Miracle - I am really surprised. I thought that birth parents were shown the CPR. You poor thing. Did the SW say that they would correct it and give a revised copy to the adoptive parents?

OurMiracle1106 · 02/05/2014 08:25

She has said it can't be altered but she can put information with it.

I was also quite pleased to know the first people to get and read it are my sons new parents

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