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Short video showing effect on brain development of early neglect

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holycowwhatnow · 07/01/2014 21:42

OP posts:
Gingerbics · 13/01/2014 20:01

Thanks that's really interesting!

Mullza1982 · 15/01/2014 19:31

Very interesting - thank you for sharing x

Rooners · 15/01/2014 19:41

I can't watch that experiment.

I think people who advocate CC should really see this.

Curiousity · 16/01/2014 15:59

use this link to watch a series of short videos - they were the most helpful way to help friends & family really understand why things may be different when our adopted children came home.

quite a lady - takes about 20 mins to watch the whole set.
funnyossity · 16/01/2014 16:27

Perhaps CC would correspond to "occasional inattention" in the video.

kiwigirl1970 · 23/01/2014 23:24

Really interesting link thanks

holycowwhatnow · 24/01/2014 00:12

I'd love to show this video to all the people who have said to me that dd won't be affected by her adoption/ won't remember her time in her birth country etc. I'm not naive enough to think there won't be issues later on.

OP posts:
madwomanintheatt1c · 24/01/2014 00:55

Well, it's interesting.

Cc is entirely 'occasional innattention' for a specific reason, and doesn't affect the other 12 hours a day of attention, so the cortisol release is by no means constant. And cortisol release would slow down in cases of neglect - it would be situation normal, so not a situation triggering cortisol release, but would have developmental implications for other reasons (lack of interaction etc)

So, two completely different things.

I have two kids with sn - one with developmental delays and brain damage, and the other with attention/ social issues which we are fairly sure came from extended cortisol bathing of the developing brain in utero.

Cortisol is fascinating stuff, but most of the claims to do with cc etc, and everyday stresses during pg are entirely fallacious. We have a great early brain development team a couple of hours away who run weekend workshops. V interesting.

giraffesCantMakeResolutions · 24/01/2014 01:25

marking place to watch tomorrow

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