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Adopting a foster child

4 replies

Mum2lots · 08/11/2013 18:14

Hi has anyone adopted a child who has been placed with them longer than 12 months when local authority didn't agree

OP posts:
Parsnipcake · 08/11/2013 19:16

Not personally, but it does happen. It depends on the circumstances. If they have identified a family member as a long term carer you would be unlikely to succeed. Otherwise it is quite likely that you would, but it would probably mean you couldn't foster for a while which might be difficult for you financially.

Mum2lots · 08/11/2013 19:23

THANKYOU parsnip cake xxc would you know procedure or cost involved not seeing solicitor till Wednesday x

OP posts:
Parsnipcake · 08/11/2013 21:05

I am not sure as its complex, but it cost 1 carer I know of about £12k, though it was long and involved appeals, and her case has made subsequent cases easier, so less than that I would think.

excitedmamma · 08/11/2013 23:03

Hi again Mum2lots... you already know my story... pm me if you want to revisit anything Smile x

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