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How much should I nag?

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MoJangled · 06/11/2013 01:30

Advice and wisdom needed please! We went to an info evening in august, our registration with the LA was accepted late august, and we had a visit by a SW early September. We received a report of that meeting saying we had been passed to proceed to the next stage in mid September. Around October I started calling to find out next steps, and have been making more or less weekly calls since. I have had one conversation with the person who's supposed to pick us up, get us booked onto a course and get us the next lot of paperwork to do, but nothing has materialised.

We're now 2 months in and should have finished stage one according to the new process, I think, but haven't even started it. I'm not sure whether I should keep calling - it's starting to feel like nagging! Do I just hunker down and wait, or keep pushing? (I'm by inclination a pusher, but don't want to be labelled a troublemaker...)

I'd be grateful for your thoughts!

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passedgo · 06/11/2013 01:41

Can you email them? They might respond sooner as it's in writing.

MoJangled · 06/11/2013 09:00

Thanks, good suggestion. I will.

I've also been wondering if I should raise the many inaccuracies and downright errors in the first meeting report. It did it's job of getting us cleared to start, but it now puts on record things like me saying my family couldn't cope with my cousin's mental and physical special needs, which isn't what I said. It has a lot of these errors. Again, feels like nagging if I correct them especially at the moment, but should I?

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Choccyjules · 06/11/2013 09:54

It doesn't sound like the LA are doing their bit at all. They are of course currently in a transition period as the new six month timeline only came in on 1st July but if they were too busy sorting out new policies to accept you they should have told you (we had two agencies out of four do this).
I would personally ring and ask to speak to the Head of the Fostering and Adoption service. There may be a reason your named social worker is struggling and no-one may be aware that work isn't getting done.

MoJangled · 06/11/2013 18:10

Thanks choccy . I'm reassured that no-one's told me this is normal. I will do both suggestions, ie drop them an email and follow up with an escalating call if nothing happens. I hope this is just teething problems but the wind is going out of our sails at the moment!

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